Community Connection

USPS Community Connection connects elementary educators and their students with unique and engaging teaching tools – STAMPS!

Stamps tell America’s stories. They are visual snapshots that document the important people, places and events in America’s history and serve as excellent primary resources for teaching about our country and our culture.

Community Connection capitalizes on more than a century and a half of US stamp development to bring you teaching and learning tools that are both standards based and kid friendly!

Content supports both common core state standards and the standards of the national council for the social studies.

School Days & American Ways

School Days & American Ways School Days & American Ways is a beautiful, oversized curriculum-connected classroom calendar filled with information and imagery about our country. Monthly calendar pages are designed around selected themes that are illustrated through stamps, and dovetail with primary grade curriculum standards in: political science, people and nations of the world, science, geography and economics.

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You can order the curriculum-connected School Days & American Ways calendar kit online or by calling 1-800-STAMP-24, or print out the Order Form and mail it to us.
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Stamp Collecting

Freedom StampOne of the world’s most popular hobbies, stamp collecting is fun and educational for all ages, and it's easy to start without a big investment. The study of stamps and postal materials is called philately, and collectors are called philatelists. Learn more about how to collect stamps, philatelic terms, and other stamp collecting resources from the United States Postal Service®.

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Stamp Scoop

Stamp ScoopEach year the Postal Service issues commemorative stamps reflecting subjects of current national significance and appeal. More than 160 years of stamp development has yielded an incredible archive of imagery and commentary reflecting the tone of the times in American culture and society.

Each month a new stamp release or a selected stamp from the Postal archive will be featured in the monthly Stamp Scoop column. With an image of the stamp art and a short editorial article on the stamp subject’s history and national significance, Stamp Scoop will be published online, and submitted for publication in select children’s educational periodicals.

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Education Kits

Education KitsAmong the varied stamps released over the year, the Postal Service issues stamps of particular interest and appeal to young people. Together with respected educators and educational publishers, the Postal Service produces Education Kits that bring featured stamp topics and personalities to life for students. Education Kit lesson plans include comprehensive class discussion guides and cross curricular learning activities including small group work, research activities, journaling, art projects and games.

Education Kits are mailed to teachers and staff annually allowing ample time to incorporate the Kits into established lesson plans. The Postal Service library of Education Kits covers Flags of Our Nation, the South Florida Wetlands, Cloudscapes, Constellations, Polar Lights and several lessons on famous Black Americans for incorporation into Black History Month curriculum.

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Post Office Field Trips

Field TripsStudents will observe retail associates serve postal customers, clerks sort and distribute different types of mail, and letter carriers make preparations to deliver their routes. They'll follow a letter from the point of entry into the office to its departure for delivery. The experience will show students how the mail touches each of our lives almost everyday. They'll leave with a better understanding of how the local Post Office binds the community together and connects local citizens with the nation and the world.

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