5-6 Records Requested by the News Media

Corporate Communications works closely with Postal Service departments to facilitate disclosure of nonexempt information and records to news media requesters. That office strives to handle such requests through the most efficient means possible by helping requesters identify particular records and coordinating with records custodians to determine whether those records are readily disclosable. This approach often results in the satisfaction of such requests for agency records without a formal FOIA request. For members of the news media, the Postal Service has public affairs officers available to address media inquiries across the country. See http://about.usps.com/news/media-contacts/welcome.htm.

For FOIA requests concerning a breaking news media inquiry, field offices should immediately provide a copy of any such request to the appropriate Area field manager for Corporate Communications. For headquarters units, contact the manager, Media Relations, at National Headquarters. It is important to make sure that your external communications are accurate and coordinated through Corporate Communications. An advance copy of any interim or final response to the news media should be provided to the appropriate Communications office. Postal Service employees who need additional guidance for handling media inquiries and other communications activities should contact the Corporate Communications office or local communications office. Also, see the Administrative Support Manual, section 332, at http://blue.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/manuals/asm/asmtc.pdf.

See 4-4.13.c for information on determining whether an individual requester or entity making a FOIA request may qualify as a “representative of the news media” for purposes of assessing fees.

News media inquiries involving the Inspection Service should be directed to the Inspection Service.

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