Handbook AS-508A - Section 508 Technical Reference Guide
September 2004

  Transmittal Letter

1 Introduction
2 Roles and Responsibilities
3 Section 508 - Overview of Accessibility
4 Section 508 - Postal Service Processes to Comply
Appendix 4A

5 Software Applications and Operating Systems
Appendix 5A

Appendix 5B

6 Web–Based Information and Applications Accessibility Guidelines
Appendix 6A

7 Telecommunications Products
Appendix 7A

8 Video and Multimedia Products
Appendix 8A

Appendix 8B

9 Self–Contained, Closed Products
Appendix 9A

10 Desktop and Portable Computers
Appendix 10A

11 Information, Documentation, and Support
Appendix 11A

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