Management Instructions

Stay up-to-date on USPS policies and procedures.

MI AS-350-2007-1 - Computer Matching Programs PDF | HTM
MI AS-350-2004-4 - Marketing E-mail PDF | HTM
MI EL-510-2016-8 - Wounded Warriors Leave PDF | HTM
MI AS-610-2012-3 - Website Affiliation Program PDF | HTM
MI EL-620-2016-6 - Career Awareness Conference Guidelines PDF | HTM
MI FM-640-2017-2 - Payment of Death Gratuity PDF | HTM
MI PM-4.4.1-2005-1 - Economic Pay Adjustments for Highway and Inland Domestic Water Contracts PDF | HTM
MI PO-530-2001-2 - Processing Trailer Damage Claims Program PDF | HTM

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