U.S. Postal Service Recognizes The Lincoln Motor Company, Hudson Rouge, Structural Graphics for Innovative Use of Mail to Engage Customers

May 24, 2017 

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BALTIMORE The U.S. Postal Service has recognized The Lincoln Motor Company, Hudson Rouge and Structural Graphics with the Irresistible Mail Grand Champion Award for their ability to create exceptional and innovative mail pieces. The Postal Service also recognized the University of Pittsburgh and Unofficial Cardboard with the first-ever Irresistible Mail Award for Innovative Technology.

Irresistible Mail is a program that highlights mail pieces that increase engagement through innovative design, print or digital technologies. Mail is evolving, allowing marketers to leverage the unique interactivity of mail and create new and powerful experiences by seamlessly connecting mail with digital content and by employing new printing techniques to improve memorability and responses.

The Lincoln Motor Company’s piece “See it First,” which was designed by Hudson Rouge and printed by Structural Graphics, was one of four finalists recognized at this year’s National Postal Forum in Baltimore May 21-24. The other recognized finalists were:

  • “Toyota Sienna Superhero” from Gulf States Toyota
  • “Holiday Inkling Mystery Game” from The Standard Group
  • “It Takes Something Amazing” from Porsche

All of the finalists were highlighted at the conference. The winner was selected yesterday by a vote of conference attendees.

The Lincoln Motor Company’s mail piece played a video that introduced the Continental’s heritage and features. It was accompanied by a tri-fold brochure and offered a framed print to those placing pre-orders.

The University of Pittsburgh’s mail piece “Pitt Honors Admits Cardboard” included cardboard goggles so that students could take a virtual reality tour of the campus.

The submissions to the Irresistible Mail Award showcased a multitude of engagement elements and their combinations, such as physical interactivity, multisensory experiences with scents and textures, augmented reality, video in print, colorful envelopes, uniquely shaped mail pieces, personalized messages, and keepsakes.

The 2017 finalists and the honorable mentions are on display on the program’s website irresistiblemail.com. A new version of the contest will be announced shortly and updates will be provided on the Irresistible Mail website. 


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