DUO operational changes

This site provides optional destinating mail entry information where available.

Please note: This information is updated daily. Click here to see current DUO operational changes.

Delivery Unit Optimization involves relocating letter carriers from local Post Offices, stations and branches and consolidating them into centralized delivery offices that will continue to be served by the same processing and distribution center. The existing retail operation will require less space and could then be downsized to a smaller space nearby. This increases operational efficiency and helps USPS realized considerable savings in economies of scale regarding transportation, maintenance, custodial, leasing and employee complement.

Delivery Unit Optimization could affect larger mailers who drop-ship their mail since they will need to take their mailings to the new centralized location. However, the new location could save transportation costs, since multiple ZIP Codes will be sorted in one facility.

The Postal Service is doing everything it can to reduce costs, save money and streamline operations and will continue to look for opportunities to improve customer service. By consolidating operations, adjusting delivery routes and restructuring administrative and processing functions, we are adapting to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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