USPS Service Alerts

Last updated Jan. 18, 2018, 2:30 p.m. ET

USPS Service Alerts provide information to consumers, small businesses and business mailers about postal facility service disruptions due to weather-related and other natural disasters or events.

Residential customers and small businesses can use this website to learn if mail is being delivered, or if their Post Offices are open. Business mailers get more detailed information about USPS mail processing facilities, and the operating status of delivery units.

International mailers


Australia Post advises severe weather in parts of Queensland is affecting mail collection and delivery in postcode areas 4560 to 4999. (posted 10/23/17)

Australia Post reports that strong winds have caused delays and cancellations of Australian domestic flights. This lead to delays in dispatching mail from New South Wales, which is impacting the entire outbound mail network. (posted 9/15/17)


Belgium’s post advises that Brussels airport is closed because of heavy snow. Many flights have been canceled or diverted. (posted 12/11/17)


Brazil’s post advises a strike that was affecting delivery operations has ended. There still could be delivery delays over the next week. (posted 10/11/17)


Royal Mail advises disruptions caused by extreme winds of Storm Eleanor have ended and all postal services are back to normal. (posted 1/9/18)


Chile’s post advises that international operations have resumed at its relocated Santiago exchange office. However, expect delays in processing of inbound letters, packages and express mail through Dec. 15. (posted 12/12/17)


Chinese authorities in the southeastern province of Fujian have evacuated as many as 500,000 people prior to Typhoon Talim making landfall today. The Typhoon is forecast to strike several cities along central and northern sections of the Fujian coastline, including Fuzhou and Ningde.

Talim has already caused cancellations of many flights from China to Japan. Flights are expected to be resumed after Sept. 18. (posted 9/15/17)


Dominica’s post advises service has resumed following disruptions caused by hurricane damage. Mail can once again be forwarded to Dominica. (posted 10/30/17)


The Finnish postal service advises disruptions to operations are expected following heavy snowfall at Helsinki airport on Dec. 12, which caused flight cancellations and delays. (posted 12/15/17)


La Poste reports that postal operations in Caribbean island postcode areas beginning with 971 are back to normal, with the exception of deliveries to Saint Maartin, postcode 97150, and Saint Barthélemy, 97133, which will continue to be disrupted until the end of October. (posted 10/17/17)


Deutsche Post advises heavy snowfall at Frankfurt airport has caused flight delays and cancellations. Lufthansa has announced an embargo for cargo and mail on domestic and European flights for Dec. 18. Freighters and trucks are not affected. The weather is expected to improve over the course of the day. (posted 12/18/17)


Hellenic Post advises handling of international express mail and parcels has returned to normal following implementation of new customs procedures. However, there is still a backlog for inbound letter mail. The post says customs authorities have taken steps to speed up the process but cautions it does not expect great improvements during the holiday peak period. (posted 11/29/17)


Most mail services to Guatemala have been temporarily suspended. Until further notice, only Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service will still be available. The suspension affects Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, First-Class Mail International, First-Class Package International Service, International Priority Airmail, International Surface Air Lift and M-Bag items.

The Postal Service will return to sender already deposited items other than GXG addressed to Guatemala. For any returned item bearing a customs form, as well as any item shipped with Priority Mail Express International service, the Postal Service will, upon request, refund postage and fees on mail returned due to the suspension of service.

For all other returned items not bearing a customs declarations form, the Postal Service will, upon request, refund postage and fees on mail returned due to the suspension of service, or the sender may remail them with the existing postage once service to Guatemala has been restored. When remailing under this option, customers must cross out the markings “Mail Service Suspended — Return to Sender.” (posted 4/11/17)


Iceland Post advises that Icelandair and its flight mechanics union have reached an agreement ending a strike. However, there are still some flight delays and cancellations as the system gets back on track. Current mail backlogs should be cleared by Dec. 20. (posted 12/19/2017)


Ireland’s post advises extreme weather conditions due to powerful storm Ophelia have impacted postal services nationwide. Deliveries and collections were suspended or curtailed Oct. 16 and dozens of flights were canceled. Domestic deliveries and collections resumed Oct. 17. (posted 10/17/17)


Israel’s post advises there will be disruptions in inbound customs clearance Jan. 10-14 as the system is upgraded. Expect delays in the release of postal items although efforts will be made to limit the impact as much as possible. (posted 1/3/18)


Malaysia’s post advises that all postal services have resumed in the state of Penang following disruptions caused by flooding. (posted 11/29/17)


Mexico’s post advises that the designated operators of UPU member countries that as of Sept. 27, 2017, postal operations have resumed for inbound and outbound mail at Mexico City International Airport. (posted 9/27/17)

New Zealand

New Zealand Post advises processing of mail at its Auckland office of exchange was disrupted for a few hours as authorities investigated a suspicious package. Operations have since resumed but at reduced capacity. Mail delays could occur. Normal operations are expected to resume Oct. 11. (posted 10/11/17)


The Philippines post advises the government has declared Nov. 13-15 a holiday in the capital region and provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga as the nation hosts the ASEAN summit. This will affect mail delivery. (posted 11/9/17)

Saint Maarten

Hurricane Irma has severely impacted operations at Saint Maarten since Wednesday, Sept.6, 2017.The hurricane has resulted in many flight cancellations, delays and road closures, and is leading to problems with mail transportation and inbound and outbound processing operations at Princess Juliana International Airport. (posted 9/18/17)


Senegal’s post advises its office of exchange will be transferred following the opening of the new international airport near Dakar on Dec. 7. This could lead to service disruptions. (posted 11/29/17)


The Postal Service has suspended mail service to Syria due to transportation issues.

The suspension affects Express Mail International, Priority Mail International, First-Class Mail International, First-Class Package International Service, International Priority Airmail, International Surface Air Lift and M-Bag shipments.

Mail addressed to Syria will be returned to sender. The Postal Service appreciates regrets any inconvenience due to this temporary service suspension. (posted 3/13/13)

Mail service for international mail addressed to some localities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine have been suspended. The specific localities and postal codes where service is suspended are listed on Ukranian postal operator Ukrposhta’s website at:

That website notes that international postal items to the listed localities may be sent as Poste Restante (General Delivery) to post offices in localities that are controlled by the Ukrainian government, and provides instructions for addressing the items.

Delivery services for international mail addressed to Crimea (postal codes in the range 95000–99999) are still suspended.

The temporary suspension affects Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, First-Class Mail International, First-Class Package International Service, International Priority Airmail, International Surface Air Lift and M-Bag items.

USPS also can no longer accept Global Express Guaranteed shipments to certain cities in the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions in Ukraine. (posted 2/11/15)

United States

The U.S. Postal Service advises a major winter storm is affecting operations in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions with impacts expected to continue through Jan. 7. There have been flight cancellations and delays, power outages and delivery disruptions due to impassable roads. The New York International Service Center and ZIP Codes 000-299 are affected. (posted 1/5/18)

Shipping lithium batteries

U.S. Postal Service acceptance of international lithium battery shipments

The Postal Service is now allowing specific quantities of lithium batteries — when installed in the equipment they are intended to operate — to be sent to many international destinations, including Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO) and Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) locations when permitted by the destination or host country.

The postal operators of Germany and Italy are not accepting packages containing lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries to German or Italian addresses. Postal employees will decline electronic items containing lithium batteries to addresses in those two countries. This does not apply to shipments to and from German or Italian APO, FPO or DPO locations.

Items that can be shipped include: cameras, video cameras, mobile/smart phones, Bluetooth headsets, laptop computers, shavers, portable DVD players, tablets, two-way radios, GPS devices and most other small electronic devices requiring lithium batteries. Items that can’t be shipped include lithium batteries not installed in the equipment they are intended to operate. In addition, when installed, they may noat exceed the quantity or limits defined in the IMM or DMM.

Domestic shipments of packages containing lithium batteries, and electronic devices containing lithium batteries aren’t affected.

Currently, U.S. customers aren’t permitted to take international and APO, FPO, DPO mail containing lithium batteries to Village Post Offices, contract postal units, commercial mail receiving agents or approved USPS shippers. For more information, click

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