USPS responds to David Williams of Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Contrary to Mr. Williams’ assertions, the Postal Service is an effectively managed and efficient entity: over the past decade, the Postal Service has achieved annual cost savings of approximately $14 billion, which shows that its management culture is one that aggressively seeks to reduce costs and increase efficiency within the constraints of its existing legal obligations. In fact, studies consistently show that the Postal Service is one of the most efficient posts in the world. Equally baseless is Mr. Williams’ assertion that allowing the Postal Service to increase the price of First-Class Mail would enable unfair competition for packages: the law ensures that the Postal Service’s package products cover their costs. The Postal Service is self-funded and postal operations are paid for with proceeds from the sale of postal products and services – not tax revenue – and enactment of postal reform legislation is an important part of ensuring its continued ability to serve every American business and residential address, and bind the nation together, as it has for more than 240 years.

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