Postal Pulse survey results

In 2015, for the first time in 17 years, the Postal Service administered an improved employee census survey, Postal Pulse, as a way to ensure all employees know they can make a difference in their work environment.

We greatly value the feedback and were pleased to see that employees understand what is expected of them at work and also have the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge at work.  However, the results of the first survey demonstrate there is much room for improvement.

We are laser-focused on making the needed improvements. To do that, we are taking decisive action, including training all postal leaders on how to make timely improvements in their work locations, and holding them accountable. We are realistic, and we know making needed changes will take some time.

Our employees are the Postal Service’s most valuable asset, and we are committed to focusing all resources necessary to improve every work environment in the Postal Service.

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