Publication 135 - Periodicals Accuracy Grading and Evaluation
August 2007



What is PAGE?

The United States Postal Service has a certification program for Periodicals mail called PAGE — Periodicals Accuracy Grading and Evaluation. PAGE certifies publishing and print planning software and the software users.

Who can apply?

The following are eligible to apply for PAGE certification program:

  • Publishing and print planning software developers.
  • Publishers with an eligible proprietary publishing and print planning software program.
  • Publishers who:
    • Mail multiple editions for each issue.
    • Drop-ship mail to multiple entry Post Offices.
    • Submit a consolidated postage statement.  

Automating Acceptance and Verification of Periodicals Mail

How does it work?

Certification and Authorization

PAGE certification and authorization is a three-step process:

Step 1
Postal Service National Customer Support Center (NCSC) in Memphis, Tennessee, certifies and authorizes vendors’ or publishers’ publishing and print planning software.

Step 2
NCSC certifies users of publishers’ programs.

Step 3
After step 1 and 2 are completed, the Postal Service authorizes publishers to submit production program-generated weights and advertising percentages.

Mail Verification and Acceptance

Mailpiece Weights
Postal Service business mail entry staff samples a limited number of editions from a mailing to verify the mailpiece weight on postage statements.

Postal Service business mail entry staff verifies an electronic version or marked copy of the Periodicals mailpiece for the advertising percentage.

How to Apply

For information and an application, contact the National Customer Support Center (NCSC) at 800-238-3150, or visit our Web site at

Look for updates about PAGE at National Postal Forums and in Postal Service publications.

Visit the Postal Service Web site at

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