2016 PCC Week instructional page for media playback

  1. Locate PCC thumb-drive.

    Media playback

  2. Insert thumb-drive into computer (PC or MAC)

    Media playback

  3. Open thumb-drive; you will see a folder labeled PCC WEEK 2016. Now drag and drop folder onto the local desktop.

    Media playback

  4. Open PCC Week 2016 folder and launch each file as needed from the desktop, do not playback content from thumb-drive. Double click on file needed or Right-Click…

    a. For PowerPoint select “Open”
    *PC - F5 for slideshow mode
    Media playback
    b. For Video .mp4 select “Play”
  1. When playing videos always display on “FULL SCREEN”.

    ALT+ENTER key

    Right-Click on video screen and select “Full screen”

    Media instructions*Depending on your PC the video may or may not automatically start playing. Ensure video is seen in its entirety on Full Screen from the start. You may have to pause/play once you reset video to the beginning.

    Media instructions

    Hit SPACEBAR to start playing video

    Click on “View”
    Select “Enter Full Screen”
    Click play or hit SPACEBAR

    Media instructions

  2. If you have technical difficulties with the PCC thumb-drive go to; http://about.usps.com/what-we-are-doing/pcc-week/. All content for PCC WEEK 2016 is accessible on the website.

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