National PCC Week 2016

We’re tuning in!

Nationwide, more than 100 PCC events are occurring during September 19–23, 2016, National PCC Week.  Officers, executives and Postal PCC leaders, are participating nationwide to thank and congratulate PCCs for their partnership and to share USPS business strategies.

You can download material for PCC week 2016 which includes Corporate Communications fact sheets, presentations and much more. You can also watch or download any of the video presentations.

For questions and to provide feedback about your PCC event, please send an email to

Thank you for participating and have a great week!

This year’s theme: Tune In To…

Working together, the Postal Service and the mailing community have a bright future to grow the size of the mailing industry.

The PCC network offers mailing and business professionals a forum to share best practices and a platform to offer solutions to help businesses grow.

The PCC network provides important feedback to the USPS to ensure we are truly meeting our customers’ needs.

By ‘Tuning In To’ PCCs, the Postal Service can continue to build on the partnership for a prosperous future.

PCC Week Background Information

The content of the PCC Week folder is available here for download.

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