REDRESS Minimum Criteria

Criteria for mediators of REDRESSĀ® disputes

The Postal Service strongly supports the use of mediation to resolve disputes. To ensure the integrity of this alternative dispute resolution process, REDRESS mediators cannot be current or former postal employees and they must meet certain criteria.

  1. The minimum criteria for REDRESS mediators are:

    1. Completion of a 3-day mediation course (minimum of 24 hours) that includes extensive role-playing, AND
    2. Completion of at least 10 mediations as lead or co-mediator, AND
    3. Evaluations from a qualified source, AND
    4. Completion of Postal Service certified training, AND
    5. Mediation of first case at no charge to the Postal Service, along with positive evaluation by the Postal Service.
  2. An individual mediator and/or organization may be disqualified from mediating for the Postal Service at any time for the following reasons:

    1. Currently serves as an arbitrator on any Postal Service arbitration panel.
    2. Accepts career, contract, temporary or casual employment with the Postal Service.
    3. Represents, or has represented in the last two years, in any capacity, any party in any legal proceeding against the Postal Service.
    4. Plans to appear as a witness, or has appeared within the last two years in any EEO dispute against the Postal Service.
    5. Misrepresents personal qualifications or background.
    6. Fails to comply with REDRESS program requirements, procedures, and/or Postal Service Standards of Practice for Postal Service Mediations.
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