United States Postal Service®

Quarterly Performance for National Special Services
Services Performed Between 10/01/2017 and 12/31/2017

Quarter I
FY 2018


In FY 2018 Quarter 1, service performance was measured for the following Special Services: Delivery Services (which is a composite of USPS Tracking®, Signature Confirmation™, Certified Mail®, Electronic Return Receipt, Registered Mail®, and Collect on Delivery), Post Office™ Box Service, Address Correction Service, Insurance Claims, Money Order Inquiry, and Address List Services. Customers' service expectations vary based on the Special Service; therefore no single service performance methodology is used for all products.

For Delivery Services, the elapsed time from barcode scan at delivery to the time the delivery information is available to customers is compared against the service standard.

Post Office™ Box Service is measured by comparing the availability of mail delivered to a P.O. Box™ section to the posted "uptime", the time of day when customers can expect to collect the mail from their P.O. Box™ .

For automated Address Correction, the elapsed time from when data are transmitted to ACS to when data are forwarded to participants is compared against the service standard.

For Insurance Claims, the time in days from the date when all information is available for claims processing resolution to the date USPS® transmits a resolution to the customer is compared against the service standard.

For Money Order Inquiries, the time in days from the date when the customer purchases the inquiry service to the date a customer response is sent is compared against the service standard.

For Address List Services, the time in days from the date when customers request an address list service to the transmission of the corrected address information to the customer is compared against the service standard.

Service performance for Delivery Services and Post Office™ Box Service is reported quarterly by postal district. Automated Address Correction, Insurance Claims, Money Order Inquiries, and Address List Services each use a national, or centralized, system; thus, service performance is reported at a national level.

Performance Highlights

For Special Services measured only at the national level, service performance in FY 2018 Quarter 1 was 99.3 percent on time for Money Order Inquiries, 98.0 percent on time for Insurance Claims, and Address Correction was 100.0 percent on time.

For Delivery Information Services, 96.6 percent of the information was delivered on time in FY 2018 Quarter 1, a score that remains the same when compared to the same period last year. Dakotas had the highest score at 98.1 percent on time. Once again, with the exception of Caribbean, all districts were at or above the target of 90.0, with 57 districts at or above 95.0 percent on time and 27 districts at or above 97.0 percent on time.

In FY 2018 Quarter 1 national Post Office™ Box Service performance is lower when compared to the same period last year, at 84.2 percent on time. There were 13 districts which met or exceeded the performance target of 90.0. Fort Worth ranked highest among all districts with a score of 94.1 percent on time.


Address Correction Insurance Claims Processing Address List Services Money Order Inquiry
Percent On Time Percent On Time Percent On Time Percent On Time
Nation FY2018 Q1 100.0 98.0 N/A 99.3

Nation FY2017 Q1 (SPLY) 100.0 99.1 N/A 99.0

Nation FY2009 Annual 97.0 77.9 100.0 97.1
Nation FY2010 Annual 99.4 84.0 100.0 95.4
Nation FY2011 Annual 91.6 87.3 88.9 97.2
Nation FY2012 Annual 99.4 85.2 83.3 99.2
Nation FY2013 Annual 100.0 83.3 100.0 99.2
Nation FY2014 Annual 100.0 90.6 33.3 98.3
Nation FY2015 Annual 100.0 96.4 100.0 99.3
Nation FY2016 Annual 100.0 96.9 N/A 99.2
Nation FY2017 Annual 100.0 98.7 N/A 99.1

FY2018 Annual Target 90.0 90.0 90.0 90.0
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