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Mailing Services Measurement Results

The Postal Service™ measures service performance in terms of speed and reliability. Single-Piece First-Class Mail® includes letters, flats and parcels and is measured from collection box drop point to delivery. Presort First-Class Mail® includes commercial mail prepared by the mailers which is sorted to the finest extent required. Single-Piece First-Class Mail® International provides a measure of the domestic leg of travel for single-piece international mail.

USPS Marketing Mail™ is a class of mail consisting of mailable matter that is not required to be mailed as First-Class Mail or Periodicals. Service performance for Periodicals (e.g. publications) and Package Services, which includes Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail® and Library Mail is measured from entry into the postal system to delivery. Special Servicesmeasures those services purchased in addition to the required postage such as Registered Mail™, Certified Mail®, USPS Tracking™, and Signature Confirmation™. Other types of service such as the timeliness of Post Office Box mail “uptimes” or the electronic transmission of data such as Confirm® are also included in Special Services. 

2018 Single-Piece First-Class Mail® Quarterly Performance PDF | HTM 
2018 Single-Piece First-Class Mail® Service Variance PDF | HTM 

2018 Presort First –Class Mail® Quarterly Performance PDF | HTM 
2018 Presort First –Class Mail® Service Variance PDF | HTM 

2018 Single-Piece First –Class Mail® International Quarterly Performance PDF | HTM 
2018 Single-Piece First –Class Mail® International Service Variance PDF | HTM 

2018 USPS Marketing Mail™ Quarterly Performance PDF | HTM 
2018 USPS Marketing Mail™ Service Variance PDF | HTM 

2018 Periodicals Quarterly Performance PDF | HTM 
2018 Periodicals Service Variance PDF | HTM 

2018 Package Services Quarterly Performance PDF | HTM 
2018 Package Services Service Variance PDF | HTM 

2018 Special Services Quarterly Performance PDF | HTM 
2018 Special Services Delivery Information / Post Office Box Services PDFHTM

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