Financial Reports

The financial reports available include:

  • Form 10-Q showing financial conditions and results.
  • Quarterly Statistics Reports (QSR) presenting statistics on mail activity and focusing on estimates of Postal revenue, volume, and weight by mail category and transit time estimates for selected items.
  • Annual reports and Form 10-K Annual Reports, and Integrated Financial Plans.
  • Cost and Revenue Analysis Report showing revenue, cost and contribution by mail class, subclasses, and key special services.
  • The Cost Segments and Components Report shows U.S. Postal Service estimates of costs attributable to mail classes, subclasses, and key special services, summarized by cost segment and by major cost components. The report is generated annually.
  • Revenue, Pieces, and Weight Reports (RPW) presenting official estimates of revenue, volume and weight by class, subclass, and major special service.
  • The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) mandated Five-Year Strategic Plans.
  • Combined Postal Comprehensive Statements and Annual Performance Plans drawing on the work of the entire organization.
  • Periodic reports developed throughout each fiscal year.